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Cave Clove

by Cave Clove

Our new self-titled album was released in November, 2016! Here is a track from it, Bid for Power. 

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Cave Clove is a four-piece rock band based in Oakland, CA. Their latest self-titled album is slated for release on November 4, 2016 and marks the solidification of the band’s five-year journey to find the true heart and soul of their sound.

In 2011, singer / guitarist, Katie Colver began collaborating with drummer Kendra Kilkuskie. The pair began performing songs from Colver’s self-released folk album, Cabin Habits, and from there Cave Clove was born. As the band made the rounds in the local Americana scene, their sound evolved to incorporate elements of doo wop and classic rock into their already well-established folk roots. They took their new material to the studio and made the Bases for Pyramids EP (2013), produced and recorded by Oakland legend Greg Ashley of The Gris Gris. Shortly after, Cave Clove released two single / B-side combos: 2013’s “Still Just As Free,” an upbeat pop single recorded at New, Improved Recording with Carlos Arrendondo behind the board; and “Kyrie” (2014) recorded by Robert Shelton at Tiny Telephone and released on 7” vinyl by Royal Oakie Records. While all of their previous efforts were well received by press and fans alike, Colver and Kilkuskie were still pushing to solidify the Cave Clove sound. In 2015, the pair got their wish when they met guitarist Brent Curriden (Travis Hayes / Lords of Sealand) and bassist Alisa Saario. Curriden brings serious chops and a rock sensibility to the table, while Saario’s masterful sense of rhythm melds seamlessly with Kilkuskie’s drums.

In January of 2016, the quartet began pre-production for Cave Clove in their Oakland rehearsal studio along with co-producer Courtney Fairchild. Over the next two months they honed the band’s sound and built the bedrock of what would become Cave Clove. In March, they began recording at Tiny Telephone Studios with Fairchild and co-producer Beau Sorenson (Death Cab for Cutie / Bob Mould / Thao & the Get Down Stay Down), who also engineered and mixed the album.

The result of their efforts is an eleven-song collection that debuts a reimagined Cave Clove sound. From the first note to the last, Colver’s lyrics and distinctive vocals guide the listener on a journey through tracks that highlight the band’s multifaceted influences. At its center, Cave Clove is a rock album with the band drawing on the many sub-genres and eras the define rock music; the album gains depth and dimension as undertones of classic Motown, 90s beach music, R&B, psychedelia, the Blues and classic pop come in and out of focus along the way.

Lead single, "Bid For Power," is a 70’s R&B throwback with a twist. As the track begins it sounds like it would be at home on a Smoky Robinson or Al Green record. Saario and Kilkuskie lay the groundwork with a slinky infectious bass line and classic R&B drums while Colver and Curriden’s guitars play off each other through the verse. By the time the listener settles in, the hook comes around and turns the song on it’s head; the whole track opens up with a build into a simultaneous Wurlitzer and guitar hook and Colver’s simple refrain of “fear is never justified” punctuated with girl group gang vocals. The band moves smoothly between the familiar and unexpected and dances between genres; a signature throughout the album.

Follow up single, “Sky,” has a bright beat and jangly acoustic meets shoegaze electric guitars that all add up to a track that is at once reminiscent of The Sundays and The Boo Radleys. Standout, “When We Were” teases that it’s a quiet ballad through the end of the first verse when the track explodes into a huge guitar driven refrain. “Your Freedom” and “Holy Mountain” both play with classic elements of psychedelia while “Becoming” and “Done Wrong” do the same, but with the Blues. The band even revisits their own history with a new recording of “Kyrie” that features a tight arrangement that highlights Curriden and Saario’s takes on guitar and bass. Throughout the recording, Colver’s rich voice ties the album together with confessional, mid-range notes and high, clear, impassioned questions about being present: love and loss, the uncertain mornings that follow wild nights, personal ambition, and the journey of the self. In the balance, the music is a dance of highs and lows, literally and figuratively, both comfortingly familiar and completely new.

With the release of Cave Clove the band begins another chapter in their journey. One that will inevitably see them reaching an even broader audience as they venture beyond the Bay Area for a string of U.S. tour dates in the late fall and early winter of 2016. With a band that has been constantly evolving from the start, one thing is certain, Cave Clove marks the beginning of a new era of musical exploration and will serve as the jumping off point for many great things to come.


Vocals & Guitar / Katie Clover
Drums & Vocals / Melissa Kilkuskie
Guitar / Brent Curriden
Bass / Alisa Saario






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