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Cave Clove

by Cave Clove

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Katie Colver of Cave Clove is total party animal, and she is also a serious student of shamanism. Her music finds a perfect expression of this anomaly, pulled in one direction towards her passion for life yet constantly faced with the darkness that is all too familiar to someone who feels so deeply. The band's musical inspirations are no less complicated, embracing elements of prog alongside Laurel Canyon harmonies and the classic sound of soul. Imagine Alabama Shakes lead by Stevie Nicks with Nirvana for a backing band. Cave Clove invites you to navigate the space between on their latest self-titled LP recorded at Tiny Telephone studios with co-producers Courtney Fairchild and Beau Sorenson (Death Cab for Cutie / Bob Mould / Thao & the Get Down Stay Down). 


Vocals & Guitar / Katie Colver
Drums / Nicholas Moore
Guitar / Brent Curriden
Bass / Alisa Saario








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