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Cave Clove

by Cave Clove

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Cave Clove is a four-piece rock band based in Oakland, CA. The band evolved out of songwriter/ vocalist / guitarist Katie Colver’s solo project when she started collaborating with drummer Kendra Kilkuskie. In 2013, the pair began performing songs from Colver’s self-released folk album, Cabin Habits (2011), and from there Cave Clove was born. As the band made the rounds in the local folk and Americana scenes, their sound evolved to incorporate more elements of rock and soul into their already well-established folk roots. Over the years, the band released several recordings, showcasing their ever-evolving sound: Bases of Pyramids (EP, 2013), “Still Just As Free” (single / B-side combo, 2013), “Kyrie” (7” single, 2014, Royal Okie Records) and their self-titled full-length album, Cave Clove (2016). 

In 2015, Colver and Kilkuskie were joined by guitarist Brent Curriden (Travis Hayes / Lords of Sealand) and bassist Alisa Saario (Saalt). With the new lineup solidified, the quartet began to delving deep into rock. They continued to develop the Cave Clove sound, which draws on many sub-genres and eras that define rock music: the Laurel Canyon bands of the 70s, 90s beach music, R&B, psychedelia, the Blues, classic pop… all swirled together to create the foundation for what would become their first full-length album, Cave Clove. The album was recorded at Tiny Telephone Studios with co-producers Courtney Fairchild and Beau Sorenson (Death Cab for Cutie / Bob Mould / Thao & the Get Down Stay Down). Sorenson also took on engineering and mixing duties. Cave Clove was released independently on November 4, 2016. 

Around the time of the album release, Kilkuskie was presented with an opportunity to relocate to Nashville, so Bay Area drummer Nick Moore took up the post of drummer. Moore’s dynamic heavy-hitting style melded seamlessly with the remaining trio instantaneously and helped to usher in the raucous, high energy live show that Cave Clove is becoming known for in the Bay Area and beyond. Between tour dates, the band has spent 2017 working on new material and plans to record a follow up to Cave Clove in early 2018.


Vocals & Guitar / Katie Colver
Drums / Nicholas Moore
Guitar / Brent Curriden
Bass / Alisa Saario








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